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  • I m not even sure I want to get married. The desire in his husky voice was unmistakable, but she didn t seem to notice.
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  • Must you always be so insufferable in your persistence? she asked.
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  • I ll let you get back to whatever it is you were doing. Against his better judgment he leaned over, hovered his face inches from hers, and inhaled deeply.
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    She shoved them unceremoniously into the proffered pouch, and reached for her earrings, glowering all the while at the thief. You described its state rather kindly, considering how I have heard tell of it--dilapidated and crumbling, mildewed and moldering.
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  • Her salt and pepper hair was pulled back into a tight bun. William Sutton was a stable boy when he worked here at Theydon.
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    You missed one, he said softly, tapping the barrel of his pistol against a small brooch holding her fichu closed at the swell of her bosom.
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    He knew she was beautiful, but no words could describe her at that moment although he tried, Elsa.
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  • Being a confirmed bachelor just made it easier to flit around from one woman to another and denying any commitments that might cause questions. Lucas doesn t keep secrets from me, Linda, he had no choice in eliminating her .I know that now.
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    Elsa sat on the edge of her bed feeling sick to her stomach.
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  • He brought his housecoat for Celeste and roughly tossed it at her. Charlotte did as she was told, watching as he tucked the pistol beneath his coat, under the waistband of his breeches.
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